Community Notice Boards

The Beaconsfield Society with the generous support of the Shanly Foundation and Chiltern Railways has erected two notice boards, one on either side of the railway bridge in the New Town. They are available free of charge to community organisations to advertise their meetings and events.

The conditions for doing so will depend on our experience of the wishes of those who make use of the facility but to begin with the following will apply.

Eligibility: organisations will be charities or not-for-profit though other organisations that are primarily aimed at serving the community could also be considered. Decisions on eligibility will rest entirely with the Beaconsfield Society.

Size: Posters should be A4 in size with a minimum font size of 12 point and we will accept two per organisation, one for each side of the bridge.

Duration: They can be posted up to two weeks before an event and will be removed immediately thereafter.

Legal responsibility: All responsibility for the content of the posters will lie with the organisation posting it and the Beaconsfield Society will take no responsibility for its accuracy.

Booking: Please complete the form below in good time before the event and bookings will only be accepted on condition that you accept the conditions above.

Mounting and removal: Posters will be inserted and removed during the weekend before and after events respectively. Accordingly, they will need to be delivered as hardcopy or pdf via email to the address you will be given when your booking is confirmed.

Beaconsfield Society Community Notice Boards

Booking form for Notice Boards