Welcome to our site. Here you can find the latest news, information about us, what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve for Beaconsfield. The Beaconsfield Society aims to conserve, enhance and develop Beaconsfield’s distinctive character for the benefit of present and future residents.  We also try to encourage residents to become involved in the community and if you wish to join us we would be delighted to welcome you.

Beaconsfield Archive Project

The Archives of Beaconsfield organisations (including ours) are kept in a small room in the Town Hall and the Beaconsfield and District Historical Society is seeking funds to enable them to be fully catalogued and digitised so anyone interested can access them via the internet.  Waitrose has featured this project as one of the local causes it will support according to the proportion of tokens it attracts during August and, if you shop at Waitrose you are encouraged to support the project.  If not, maybe you could try shopping there at least during August!