Welcome to our site. Here you can find the latest news, information about us, what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve for Beaconsfield. The Beaconsfield Society aims to conserve, enhance and develop Beaconsfield’s distinctive character for the benefit of present and future residents.  We also try to encourage residents to become involved in the community and if you wish to join us we would be delighted to welcome you.

The Society will be holding next year’s Beaconsfield Now! celebration on Saturday 13 June 2015 and organisations are invited to register using the form to be found in the News and Events section.  We have also provided a facility for organisations to use vertical advertising banners hung on lamp posts on the approach roads to the Town and details of this are also in the News and Events section.

Community organisations, including our own, together with the Beaconsfield Town Council and BCC is developing a Vision for Beaconsfield.  Its chairman has asked us to inform our membership about the project and he has written a letter describing it.  Please click on V4B to open it. It is particularly important for Beaconsfield residents to respond to the brief questionnaire which can be accessed from the letter or by clicking on Survey.

Our  Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 4 November at St. Teresa’s Parish Centre, starting at 7.00 pm.  The Draft Minutes can be seen in News and Events.